[Advaita-l] Homam when it smokes

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 This was answered some time ago for me by a well respected scholar in
 We should not offer into the fire when there is no flame. The flame is
considered Agni's tongue. The smoke is sort of like his chariot. One
should fan the remaining embers to get it to flame, and then chant the
"idam vishNur vichakrame ..." mantra once and only then continue
offering into the agni. One should not blow with one's mouth directly
into the fire. One must use a had fan. If one must blow, we should hold
the dharba in the palm of the hand and then blow at the fire directing
one's mouth at the palm and not the fire.

Hope this helps,
bhava shankara desikame sharaNam

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  If during Homam/Havan, if the agni gets into
a smoky form without any flames (jwAlA) for sometime,
does it signify anything ? Can we continue the 
homam when its in this form (smoking without jWalA)?
I request the learned members of the group to kindly 
explain about this.


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