[Advaita-l] New member Introduction: N. Seshan

Sundaram, Vaidya (MED) Vaidya.Sundaram at med.ge.com
Tue Sep 9 08:45:10 CDT 2003

I belong to Cochin, kerala and am currently working in Bangalore. I am
35 years old and have been reading shankara for the last 5 years mostly
on my own. I was initially taught by one Mr S N Rao of Cochin, who in my
opinion is exceptional, but he remains quite elusive . He has been
teaching shankara to private individuals and small groups for the last
20 years till a stroke immobilised him last year.
On his advice i also have been collecting reading material, recently
read was Dispelling Illusion by Douglas Fox, current reading is
Presuppositions of Indian Philosophy by Karl Potter. Please do
understand that for me this is a serious interest. I have gone through
some of your mail group discussions and I find them very informative.
Maybe i cant contribute , but i request you to allow me to learn

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