[Advaita-l] To Min

maria DICKSON mad574 at yahoo.com.ar
Tue Sep 2 08:49:02 CDT 2003

Dear Min (excuse my poor english, please)
A year ago I began to study Advaita VedAnta and few
months ago I join this list.
When I arrived here, one of my first mails was about
my searching of a guru and, wonderfully, I can say
that five or six of the enlighten members of this list
have become my teachers.
I attend their commentaries as a disciple who has been
permitted to attend the chat of his masters.
They are enlighten and illustrated persons. I limit me
to study their mails, to read the books that they
mention and compare them with their commentaries. I
tell it to you because I have noted, excuse my
imprudence, few humility in your mails.
We are full of ignorance. Wise is the one who listen
to his masters.
My humble recommendation is:  Open your mind and your
heart to this opportunity that is offered to you.
Learns and meditate in what you learned.


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