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Anand Arul arul_aanand at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 28 23:15:47 CST 2003

Namaskars to one to all.

I have a question seeking answer from you. This has
been in my mind for a long time. Recently I was
reading "Synoptic Self" a book that attempts at
explaining the Self-consciousness using neurological
explanations. This reading sort of disturbed my faith
in the soul-concept, rebirth etc.,. I sincerely seek
your clarification in this regard.

My questions are briefly below:

1. What is the need for a subtle entity called "soul"
to feel conscious? What is the strongest proof given
by our vedas to substantiate the soul? Advaita talks
of a single soul pervading the Universe. However, I
think it accepts an individual jeeva in the
stranglehold of maya within each body's experience
field. I am asking about this individual jeeva that I
think I am.

2. It is usually said that jeeva inside each body
(tree, animal, bird or human) is the pOshaka one who
nurtures and causes growth. However, we see this being
not the case in many instances. If we pluck a
half-ripen fruit from a tree and keep it outside it
becomes fully ripe even when not attached to the tree.
Nowadays we hear about scientists growing organs in
laboratory using stem cells. Since all this is just a
sequence of chemical reactions and cell
multiplications, why can't life itself be a complex
chemical process? Again, what is the need for
something subtle in it?


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