[Advaita-l] Potential and differentiated nama roops

Prasad Balasubramanian besprasad at lycos.com
Fri Nov 28 02:45:24 CST 2003


 I was reading the presentation on advaita of
shri Krishna Iyer.

 There in part-III the following topic comes.
I've  a few questions which I've given after this paragraph in this mail.


Section 10 – Creation of the world  :

"The Advaita concept of creation is called “vivarta 
vada”. Brahman , the Existence-Consciousness does not 
undergo change when creation takes place.  What 
modifies are names and forms ( “ nama  roopa” ) . The 
potential state of nama roopa  is called Maya . Maya 
as no  existence of its own. It is a thing of a lower 
order of reality superimposed on Brahman.  No 
superimposition – ( superimposition of the unreal on 
the real is called  ‘adhyasa’  in Sanskrit’) – can 
xist unless there is a substrastum ( called ‘ 
adhishtanam’ in Sanskrit)   The consciousness aspect 
of Brahman is reflected in Maya. Maya plus reflected 
onsciousness is 
==> called Iswara. Iswara visualises the world-to-be 
and impels Maya to unfold the potential nama roopa as 
differentiated nama roopa on the substratum of the 
Existence –Consciousness Infinity called Brahman.  
Bahman as Existence-Consciousness-Infinity is the 
substratum for the superimposition 
==>of the potential Nama roopa as well as the differentiated Nama roopa. Brahman  does not undergo 
any change. However since Maya does not  exist 
separate from Brahman, Brahman is called “vivarta 
upadhana  karanam” (changeless material cause) of the 
world and Maya is called the “ parinama upadhana 
karanam” ( changing material cause) of the world."

Here, can someone explain the lines between 
the "==>"s ?

What is differentiated nama roopa and potential nama 
roopa ?

Is potential nama roopa simply (all possible) 
unmanifested  nama roopa that Maya can unfold into ?

And does differentiated nama roopa mean all the nama 
roopa after Maya  unfolds or manifests ? 


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