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I am Jayant Nilkanth Madge, from Chinchwad, Maharashtra. I am an officer 
with SKF Bearings, and read Gita, Dnyaneshwari, Geeta Rahasya of Lokmanya 
Tilak and Vishnu Sahasranaam regularly. I am much impressed by and 
interested in Adi Shankaracharya and His works. I can read Sanskrit but do 
not understand unless translated in Marathi.

Being a devotee of Lord Ganesh and Lord Vishnu, we visit daily the Sanjevan 
Samadhi of the great saint Shree Man MORAYA GOSAVI (444 years old). He was 
Bhakta of Lord Mayureshwar (Moregaon - Pune District), Chintaamani (Theur 
Pune District) and  Siddhivinayak (Ahmednagar District).  We also visit at 
least once a month Alandi - Sanjeevan Samadhi of Greatest of Great Saint 
DNYANESHWAR. The samadhis of Sant Tukaram, Dattatreya Avatar Sri Nrisimha 
Saraswati and Swami Swaroopanand of Pawas are also holy pilgrimage spots 
that we visit. Hindusthan is the GREAT land of great Saints and Mahatmas 
like Shankarcharya,Veer Savarkar, Tilak, Agarkar, Gokhale, Tagore, 
Madhwacharya, Kanakdas, etc.

Best regards,

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