[Advaita-l] Re: Is Knowledge result of Prabdha karma ??

M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Thu Nov 20 16:41:45 CST 2003

Sri Sadananda wrote:

"But action can help in preparting the mind - such as studying and
meditating on the truth etc., so that knowledge can descend to the mind
that is receptive for that knowledge.  Preparing the mind is an action.
But knowledge cannot not be willed.  It is called vastu tantram not
purusha tantram."

Shankara also highlights this in his introduction to giita. Please see

And I have quoted the relevant section from the above link,  below

<begin quote>

Text -
abhudayaartho.api yaH pravR^ittilaxaNaH dharmaH varNaan.h aashramaa.nshcha
uddishya vihitaH sa devaadisthaanapraaptihetuH api san.h
iishvaraarpaNabuddhyaa anuShThiiyamaanaH satvashuddhaye bhavati
phalaabhisandhivarjitaH . shuddhasatvasya cha
GYaananiShThaa-yogyataa-praaptidvaareNa GYaanotpatti-hetutvena cha
niHshreyasa- hetutvam.h api pratipadyate . tathaa chemam.h eva artham.h
abhisa.ndhaaya vaxyati - "brahmaNyaadhaaya karmaaNi," "yoginaH karma
kurvanti saN^gaM

Translation -
The other goal of prosperity (abhyudaya), characterized by action, which is
meant for the different classes and stations of people, is the cause of
such as the status of heavenly beings and the like. When such action is
without a desire for such fruits, and with a sense of dedication to the Lord
(iishvara- arpaNa-buddhi), purifies one's being. Such purification makes one
for knowledge and is also conducive to the rise of such knowledge, which in
leads to liberation. Thus, it is said, "Grounding all works in brahman" (BhG
5.10), "Yogins perform works, without any sense of attachment, for
self-purification" (BhG 5.11).

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