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I was able to look at the bhashyas of sAyaNAchArya and Bhatta Bhaskara.
There is quite a divergence in the organization they follow in the text.
sAyaNAchArya says there are four traditions of this upanishad: draviDa,
karnATaka, Andhra, and "apareshAm." (others.)  Both follow the draviDa
pATha in which there are 64 anuvAkas but sAyaNAchArya calls it the 10th
prapAThaka of the taittireyAraNyaka, while bhaTTa bhAskara calls it the
6th.  And there are variant readings between the two.  So actually there
are probably more than four traditions.  The main parts are the same
though so we can safely say the upanishad is genuine.

Both commentators agree that this sukta is the second anuvAka and the rk
you quoted is the second one.

bhaTTa bhAskara says:

vairochanIM virochanasya vividharochanasya vividhamarvirbhavataH devasya
svabhUtAM paraprakrtiM |

sAyaNAcharya says:

visheSheNa rochate svayameva prakAshata iti virochanaH paramAtmA tena
daShTvAdvarochanIM |

So the meaning is essentially as Swami Vimalananda has given it.

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