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For personal reflection...

 "Sitting in a solitary place, freeing the mind from desires, and controlling the senses, meditate with unswerving attention on the Infinite Atman which is One without a second.

 "The wise one should intelligently merge the entire objective world in Atman alone and constantly think of that Atman as the stainless sky.

 "He who has attained the Supreme Goal discards all such objects as name and form, and dwells as the embodiment of Infinite Consciousness and Bliss.

 "The Supreme Self, on account if Its being of the nature of exceeding Bliss, does not admit of the distinction of the knower, knowledge, and the object of knowledge. It alone shines.

 "By constant meditation (comparable to the rubbing of the fire-wood) is kindled the flame of knowledge, which completely burns up the fuel of ignorance.

 [Atmabodha 38-42]


The journey of a thousand miles begins
with a single step.--Chinese Proverb


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