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 (I am trying to collate several posts from Srikrishna Ghadiyaram here

> We are not looking for free service; even if I were to
> look for free service, it is ABSOLUTELY appropriate,
> as per the tradition of Vedanta. If I am capable, and
> if I am satisfied, and if I feel gratitude for the
> teaching and if I am motivated that my physical,
> mental, financial contributions will serve and enhance
> the services offered by the teacher to similar
> aspirants, I will donate money, for my own
> satisfaction. No teaching of this kind can seek to
> collect a minimum fee, in the name of prescribed
> donation. 
[ --- ]
> The $ 350 is not a donation, it is a FEE. If there is
> genuinity, I should have donated to a US center, so
> that I could save Tax. Why should I pay Uncle Sam for
> reading Vedanta e-mails ? I could use my Dollars
> fully, for the benefit of a charitable cause as
> approved by law. Did some one think about this aspect
> of Fee ? sorry, ...DONATION.

Lets see for a moment ... you want to "donate" only if it's tax
deductible, and that too only "for your own satisfaction". That's not
donation. That's quid pro quo. Same with students expecting a
certificate in return ... lets not be hypocrites please.

[ --- ]
> may not be
> able to see the clarity of the sacred purpose of
> Vedanta tradition. This is just Maya. You need to see
> from the perspective of an ordinary seeker, who is
> un-informed of the solutions of Vedanta for his
> problems, and out of compassion you should let them
> learn, as service to Narayana. It just can not be to
> build larger and bigger
> Missions/Buildings/Infrastructure etc. If the cart is
> placed infront of the horse, it does not go anywhere.

>From the perspective of the ordinary, otherwise uninformed seeker, whom
is he to believe? Any one who will give him free advice? And do you
realize just how many people there are out there who will give lots of
"apparently" free advice? With so many people out there to cheat you out
of your money, whom would you rather trust. A mission that is generally
recognized as a charitable org. which is run ethically, morally and
legally? or some other ...?

> be so. But, my primary objection to this vision to run
> a 24 e-mail, 1 year certificate course in Vedanta for
> $ 350 MINIMUM donation. It is no way different from a
> scam Internet University degree/certificate.

But you are ok with spending money to buy a book which has 24 chapters? 

And why are you against this "mininum" donationg thing? You seem
surprised and seem to have a sense or righteous indignation about it all
... have you been to the upanyaasams or "hari kathas" as they are also
called, where the organizers expect people to donate a minimum amount?
This is to defray the costs of the organization. The world is run on
money. Even the Vedas recognize this. That's exactly why there is so
much material on the vedas devoted to the karma kaanda and kaamya karma.

> change the technique, Vedanta need not become a 'high
> priced' item, there by cutting off millions of people
> from even the chance of having an exposure to this
> teaching which is not 'yours', and you aspire to build
> a mission on your own name, where the original authors
> and thinkers have not claimed even a mention. Does the
> first lesson recognise and declare that the ideas are
> not their own ??? Does it release right to copy-right
> ?? No, instead it hinders even an honest seeker from
> pursuing. I will detail below.

What are you talking about?? Have you not seen books published by the
mission that is subsidised so that every one can buy it? How do you
think they get the money for that?? By running course like this!! And
selling the same book in the US in hard cover and jazzy persentation to
people who can afford it for $50 while giving it for 50 rupees in India
under a paperback edition.

> We are not discussing about Swami Tejomayananda's
> credentials here. Your/other's repeated mention of
> such points will only ascribe incorrect motives
> against me or others who are against your views. So,
> let us not side-step the issue at hand.

Well, you are the one who thinks this money is going to be used to build
a new mission in his name. You brought it up. Don't fault the other side
for pointing it out and defending the authors or the mission

I think over all I have laid out what I see as hypocrisy, and I don't
think I need to go into further details of the many more mails on this

bhava shankara desikame sharaNam,

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