[Advaita-l] e-vEdAnta course

Bhadraiah Mallampalli vaidix at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 7 22:36:07 CST 2003

Shri Jaldhar,

The subject "e-vEdAnta course" has nothing to do with what is being 
discussed. Sorry for the confusion. No, it was not about paying to learn 

The need for organization mentioned by Sri Krishnamoorthy is a continuation 
the closed topic re: the art of vedic chanting, and hopefully learning the 
use of those chants in vedic yajnas, and so on. We can not let these ancient 
arts become extinct just because we got a new 'toy' of vedanta.

If vedanta says every thing is born from Aum. Vedic chanting is the art 
which deals with the subject how individual varNas are born from Aum. As per 
chapter 18 of taittireeya praatizaakhya there are no less than 6 styles of 
chanting Aum. The methodology of chanting, the complicated rules re: changes 
in varNas between paada patha to other pathas, e.g., when a short svara 
becomes long svara or vice versa, when an ooshma becomes sparza etc, 
pragrahas & avagrahas, the various metres, etc are all again intricately 
linked to the practice of vedanta and prANAyAma.

Best regards

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