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praNAm prabhuji
Hare Krishna

As regards to Sri chitsukhAchArya following information available in
Swamiji's book:


Chitsukha follows Sri Harsha's foot-steps in criticizing the categories of
both the naiyAyikAs and the vaiSeSikAs.  The lure of logical treatment of
topics, however, tempted him so much that he attempted fresh definitions &
proceeded to offer logical proofs - sometimes even adopting mahAvidyAs or
round-about syllogisms in favour of the AnivachanIyAvidyA & other doctrines
of the neo-shankarites.  He thus overshoots his mark forgetting his model
Sri Harisha's warning that his dialectic is interested only in demolishing
the definitions of the dualists & not in defining or proving anything,
since the dialectic never presumes the reality or unreality of any
definition or proof.  Sri Harsha's strict position is that no proof can be
demanded for defending advaita, since proof may be right or wrong even when
what is sought to be proved is real.  It is enough for him that advaita is
revealed by the upanishads.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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