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Namaste Sri SVS,
Thanks for your mail. It's quite informative for a beginner like me. 
Is there anywhere in the web I can find Sri Sankara's commentary on Kena Up ? 
I found a good web site called vidyavrikshah who have given a wonderful word by word translation of the Upanishads. But unfortunately they have not put the Acharya's commentary in the web site.
Also, is there any order in which to approach the Upanishads ? ( the principal ones ).
Best Regards
Guruprasad Venkat
P.S. Is there any way that I can just click and send messages ? I had to do a cut and paste to get this message ? Thanks
Regarding Sri Ravi's suggestion about BSB:
BSB is really needed when there is clarity required in the Upanishads.  While individually many may have studied the upanishads, as a list there is not a single upanishad that has been discussed completely.  I feel that should be the first step.  Kena with two commentaries by Sri Shankara is a good start.  It is small, pithy and thought provoking.  I am saying for the "list" in general to follow the right sequence.

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