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Mon Jun 23 08:43:18 CDT 2003

Just my impression:

It is good to discuss the other Vedantic philosophies.  If Jay N.
presented his understanding of dvaita, it would have been educational. 
But what he tried to do is to criticize Advaita and that itself is not
bad, but his criticism was without correctly understanding  ofthe
foundations of Advaita and therefore became baseless.   In this process
he in fact reinforced  his  own  statement  for justifying his criticism
that -advaitins comment that dvaitins criticize advaita  without
correctly understanding it – He did not realize that  he is confirming
that comment even in his case.  The statement that Geeta does not teach
Advaita is ridiculous when Shankara has given exhaustive Geeta bhaashya
(I wish Vidya can continue his series on Geeta) and every advaitic
teacher teaches Geeta to their students.  In addition JayN tried to
justify the superiority of dvaita based on his wrong understanding of

The truth of any philosophy does not depend on some X, Y, Z got defeated
in  some debate by some X',Y' or Z". it should be based on truth itself.
Therefore it should be based on pramaaNa-s and correct understanding of
the pramaaNas.  

 As Krishna pointed out to me in one of his mails that some of the terms
that we are familiar with in Advaita have different connotations in
dvaita.  And one should be aware of these before one can embark
criticism of the other philosophy.  It is traditional of course to take
prior philosophies as puurvapaksha and establish siddhanta after
criticizing the puurva paksha. 

I must admit that I am more confused now about dvaita's explanation of
visheshaNa and visheshya and swatah siddham of the objects and
saakshee-D's validation process.  After reading Vidya's criticism of the
confused definition of visheshaNa-visheshya provided by JayN, my
confusion is increased exponentially.  I am hoping Krishna will resolve
this without getting into personalities.

Hari OM!

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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