[Advaita-l] Re: The current advaita-dvaita debate

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Sun Jun 22 13:06:59 CDT 2003

>An easy excuse, as usual always. "When Ignorance is
>bliss its foly to be wise".

I will let this pass, as Jaldhar has already responded to this issue, but 
watch your typos.

>I ment the followers of chaitanya and not himself,
>just a typo. chaitanya lived somewhere in (15th
>century 1430's CE) perhaps.

Much more than a typo. A lot of water flowed down the Ganga between the time 
of Caitanya and the popularization of ISKCON in the west barely fifty years 
ago. What exactly did you mean to say?

> > And you know this, how? We have accounts that say
> > the opposite, e.g. that
> > vidyAraNya defeated akshobhyatIrtha.
>Keep dreaming! Where is the proof, can you quote the
>place and documentation of this defeat. If you need
>the proof from my side visit MulaBaglu in Karnataka
>(about 50 miles from Bangalore) there is a victory
>pillar marking the debate between Vidhyaranya and
>Akshobyathirtharu and the King declaring
>AkshobyaTiirta emerging victorious.

Sorry, I can't travel all the way to Mulabagalu and I don't have to. Anyone 
can build a pillar and then build a legend around it. Big deal. You, on the 
other hand, could travel to Hampi and Vidyaranyapura or Simhagiri (both near 
Sringeri) for the proof and documentation from our side. Or check the 
Epigraphia Carnatica and/or Mysore Gazeteer published more than a century 
ago for the authenticated details of inscriptional evidence about 

By the way, which "King" do you mean? The same one from the first dynasty of 
Vijayanagara who praised Vidyaranya as greater than the sun and the moon, 
and compared him with Brahma, Vishnu and Siva?

>I have got the dates correctly now you go get the
>records correctly for example VidhyaRanya, he after
>being defeated, carries the GrantHas on Elephant as a
>honor to AkshobHya Tiirtha..

Yeah right. Which is why Krishnadevaraya commissioned a painting of 
Vidyaranya at the head of a huge procession, carried in a palanquin, at the 
Virupaksha temple in Hampi. Note that Krishnadevaraya's gurus were dvaitins 
and that he was from the Taulava dynasty.

To converse intelligently and civilly on this list, get your English grammar 
and spelling right first, and don't blame typos for fundamental errors on 
your part. Then we can talk.


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