[Advaita-l] Re: The current advaita-dvaita debate

guru prasad ghunsenh at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 20 23:13:45 CDT 2003

> To which, one could say that this was because they
> did not take the dvaita 
> school seriously enough to bother refuting it.

An easy excuse, as usual always. "When Ignorance is
bliss its foly to be wise".

> >Most of the neo-Vedantins like Chaintinya etc.,
> were formed to fulfill the 
> >needs of the
> >western world and their affulence.
> Do you know the date of Caitanya? How did you decide
> that he addressed the 
> affluence of the western world?
I ment the followers of chaitanya and not himself,
just a typo. chaitanya lived somewhere in (15th
century 1430's CE) perhaps.

> And you know this, how? We have accounts that say
> the opposite, e.g. that 
> vidyAraNya defeated akshobhyatIrtha. 

Keep dreaming! Where is the proof, can you quote the
place and documentation of this defeat. If you need
the proof from my side visit MulaBaglu in Karnataka
(about 50 miles from Bangalore) there is a victory
pillar marking the debate between Vidhyaranya and
Akshobyathirtharu and the King declaring
AkshobyaTiirta emerging victorious.

>Get your
> historical dates correct 
> first, e.g. that of Caitanya. Once you do that, we
> can talk about veracity 
> of conflicting historical accounts later.
I have got the dates correctly now you go get the
records correctly for example VidhyaRanya, he after
being defeated, carries the GrantHas on Elephant as a
honor to AkshobHya Tiirtha..


> Vidyasankar

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