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M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Thu Jun 19 18:50:34 CDT 2003

Dear Members,

I just unsubscribed Sri Jay Neelamangala. I took the decision after a long
thinking, after asking the opinion of other moderators, and seeing the

This list was never created as a platform for debates with other schools. It
was for only a friendly discussion of like-minded people to discuss and
learn advaita-vedAnta. We even explicitly stated in our list goals in the
past*.  As a matter of principle, we never closed our doors to people from
other schools of thought. But mostly they all understood the nature of the
list and honorably maintained a good decorum. Only recently many things went
of out hand.

I also firmly believe that if I have not taken that step, that debate would
have never stopped. And the few people like Vidyasankar and Sadananda who
were spending their time to answer the points would have lost patience and
stopped. We would rather use the time of these scholars in a constructive
manner than wasting it on frivolous discussion. And in any case, Advaita-L
was not created for  such debates.

This FYI. Typically, we do not advertise such things, but this issue
warranted it and hence, this post.

If you have comments, do not post to the list. Send to
advaita-l-owner at lists.advaita-vedanta.org.


* see #6 of

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