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M. S. Ravisankar ravi at ambaa.org
Thu Jun 19 18:23:55 CDT 2003

To some degree, a list is like a garden. If you plant good trees and plants
and put effort to grow them, it will not only thrive, but the job of weed
removal will be less. More importantly, the satisfaction gained will be
greater.  On the other hand, if weed removal only is the job you do, it is
not only tiring and also very painful.

We as a list should start discussing important texts that pertain to our
sampradaya. We have great scholars like Vidyasankar, Anand Hudli,
Ramakrishnan Balasubramanian, Sadananda, etc. to help us understand complex
points. Such an opportunity will not be available when we read from books on
our own.  Hence, I wish to start the a discussion on BSB.

When I say, I wish to start, I mainly wish to coordinate. I understand that
I know very little and but I request your help and support.

I want all members who believe (at least by faith) that advaita-vedAnta as
taught by our acharya is the correct reading of vedAnta to participate. I
request that others do not. Not that we are afraid of you, but we are afraid
that the harmony and the friendly atmosphere will be lost.

To start with, I am going to repost (starting from next week) the article of
adhyAsa bhaashhya by Sri Subhanu Saxena. Follow it with a repost of the
series by Sri Sadananda. Your participation is crucial. Last time, I
remember that there was very little user participation when these were
posted. You have a choice, either to meaningfully participate in
constructive discussion or get the list lost to lull.
Then I am going to post on other suutra-s.

I hope that you will all help me and request the same.

bhava sha.nkara deshikame sharaNam


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