[Advaita-l] More evidence for Brahman being the Material cause

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>dvaita, on the other hand, is so 
>keen on refuting each and every point of advaita, that it misses the forest 
>for the trees, and has to take brahman as only the efficient cause, thereby 
>admitting prakRti in by the back door as another kAraNa
I accidentally stumbled upon another piece of evidence for brahman being the material cause of the creation.
In the Rigveda, the poet, at two places asks the question - 
kiM svid vanaM ka u sa vRkSa Asa yato dyAvA pRthivi niSTatakSuH 
(from RV 10.31.7 and RV 10.81.4)
This translates to-
"What was the tree, what wood, in sooth, produced it, from which Earth and Heaven were made?"
P.S Deshmukh says that the answer is given in the Taittiriya Brahmana - 
brahma vanam brahma sa vRksha Asid / yato dyAvA pRthivi niSTatakSuH. 
(from TB
This translates to- 
"brahman is the forest brahman is the tree from which heaven and earth were made" 
This is another piece of evidence to show that brahman is the material cause of creation.
(Reference - The origin and development of Religion in Vedic Literature - P.S Deshmukh)

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