[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Mon Jun 16 15:13:31 CDT 2003

Dear Bhaskar jI,


> >  But according to you end or laya is end of the experience of sAkshi-D
> it not??  Pls. see your reply to Sri Sadananda prabhuji.
> The 'end' or Laya  of body is in prakrti. The 'end' or 'Laya' of jIvAtman
> is in paramAtman.
> >  So, after *pralaya* there will be the process of merging jIvAtman in
> paramAtman correct prabhuji?? ( You wrote so, while explaining in one of
> your mails the state of *realisation*.   I am happy to know that atleast
> the ultimate stage you are endorsing the non-dualistic view of Ekatva.

No  No.   you are reading it in piece-meal.

Three kinds of jeevas - sattva, rajas,  tamas -   'end' accordingly.

U-rdhvam-ga-ccha-nti   sa-ttva-sthA
ma-dhyaE  ti-SHTHa-nti  rA-ja-sAH |
a-dhO  ga-ccha-nti  tA-ma-sAH ||  14.18

It is only sattika-jeevas that will eventually have their 'end' or laya in
Once they reach Him,  there is no returning back to this world again.
"yad gatvA na nivartante taddhAma paramam mama"  - geetha. 15.6

The tAmasika-jeevas will have their 'end' or laya in Andah-tamas.
"MAm-aprApyaiva kaunteya tato yanty adhamAm gatim"  - 16.20

The rajasika-jeevas will have their 'end or laya in  samsAra itself  or in
words,  they are in permanent   birth/death circulation for ever.

In *praLaya"  everything is taken back by Parabrahman,  it does not mean
everyone gets mOksha in *praLaya*.     Only those who have attained
mOksha,  are not circulated in the next *Creation*,   the rest of them will

In either *praLaya* or in *mOksha*,   the jIvAtman will stay as jIvAtman
So,  there is no process of merging jIvAtman in paramAtman at any time.
In mOksha,  jIvAtman is in constant enjoyment of his svaroopa-Ananda,
in the sAnidhya of ParamAtman.

I hope it is clearer.

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