[Advaita-l] Issues only please.

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Sun Jun 15 10:18:33 CDT 2003

Dear Jaladhar Vyas,

> If Jay and company were the kind of Dvaitins who say Shankara was a demon
> sent to destroy Vedic religion with crypto=Buddhist heresy, etc. etc. they
> would have been out on their ear after the first sentence.  Now what Jay
> is saying is uncomplimentary.  He thinks Advaita Vedanta is wrong.  But
> after saying that he says, "I think it is wrong because x, y, z..." using
> the same methods and concepts we use.  Do you honestly fail to see the
> difference between that and "maligned and thrown dirt over"?

Thank you sir.

Shruti and Shruti context is same for both advaita and dvaita.
Asking one to look at the upanishadic context,  can hardly be called
"throwing dirt".

There is only  one  sAkshI, one Jiva, one ParamAtman, one pramA, etc
for all humans.   dvaita and advaita  models of these may be different.
To expose the limitations, inconsistencies in the advaitic model can hardly
be called maligning and throwing dirt on advaita.

I am glad that  Jaladhar Vyas, as a moderator  took the trouble to speak

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