[Advaita-l] adhyAsa - part XIV

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One may further explain the situation as follows :

    The thing that appears in superposition is not real (mithya) ;
and in perceiving such a thing,  antahkaraNa requires no help
from sense-organ,  just as in the case of dreams.  It is clear that
in dream the whole experience is due to the activities of antahkaraNa.

    So also in the superposition "This is silver",  "silver"  is given 
through antahkaraNa.  So the absence of the activity of the sense organ
does not negate the perpetual character of superposition,  as it is in the
case of dream.

    This explanation also does not hold good.   Admitting that antahkaraNa
itself does the whole function,  what all we have stated is that
antahkaraNa assumes the form of knowledge i.e, superposition.  Now we
have to answer the question "Who is to have the experience i.e, knowledge?"

    Obviously, it is not antahkaraNa  becauseit has already assumed the
form of knowledge and it cannot further evolve as the knower.  Assuming
that it also evolves as the knower, we have to hold that all experience is to
antahkaraNa.  But this is not true.  AntahkaraNa is inert and it can not be
the knower.  The knower must be of the character of chaitanya and this is

    So,  all experience is to Atman.   If so, superposition also is to Atman
and not to antahkaraNa.  So, the cause of superposition, i.e, nescience
also must be in Atman,  otherwise superposition as residing in Atman
can not be explained.

    So far the whole position is that Atman is chaitanya,  in him there is
nescience,  and this nescience is the material cause of superposition.
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