[Advaita-l] dvaita on pramA (Right knowlege)

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Fri Jun 13 15:34:55 CDT 2003

Dear JayanArAyanan,

All of us in our daily lives, cognize things that are all around us
without getting confused everytime,  day in and day out.

If you agree with this, then  the rest is all theoritical details on
epiestomology,  which you can read in the article on pramA.

So our model of knowledge, Truth of knowledge,  
and other epistomological considerations
follow from the fact that we do not get confused day in and
day out.

One may also start with the rare confusion that one
gets into,  such as rope-snake, silver-shell, mirages etc
and start to build the model on knowledge, Truth of
knowledge etc. and try to explain our daily lives in terms
of those events which happen under special conditions.

Which one of these two models would you rather have ?

I assume you have read my email on pramA.  One line answers,
accusations is not going to help either of us.
So I suggest that you  read the article first,  if  you have comments
on it,  put all your comments together,  why you agree / disagree
with it and post it.   No one is stopping you.

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