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Fri Jun 13 14:25:03 CDT 2003

Dear Nagaarjuna,

>Second Sutra is describing Brahman as Creator, Destructor, etc
>and the first sootra is demanding that you make such an
>Ultimate Brahman as the object of your enquiry.

>The second sutra is not imposing any action on brahman. It is just passively stating that brahman is the cause. It does not mean that brahman is >being treated as an agent of action here. For example, when we say "fire cooks food" or "the sun illuminates the earth", we are not proposing that fire >and sun are active agents.

If you want to use the word Brahman in the sense of dvaita - use Parabrahman 

If you want to use the same in the sense of advaita - use Brahman-S and
Brahman-N ,  so I can understand what you are saying more clearly.

Will you please re-write the above?.  So instead of Ultimate Brahman use Brahman-N.
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