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Dear NAgArjuna,

>I think you are mis-representing dvaita here. Dvaita does not believe in levels of reality like advaita. So where does the question of ultimate reality >come in dvaita? I dont know the intricacies of dvaita, but I know that in dvaita, the empirical world is as real as brahman.

Ultimate reality  is called  Independent reality in dvaita.
Why do you think we use the term "Parabrahman" all the time?
where we could have used just Brahman.  To indicate that 
paratva or ultimateness.

Thanks for accepting that you don't know the intricacies of dvaita,
and at the same time also accusing me of mis-representing your 
knowledge of dvaita.

> I dont know the intricacies of dvaita, but I know that in dvaita, the empirical world is as real as brahman

The Reality of  world is dependent on the Indendent Parabrahman.
So the two are not same.  They are termed svatantra and paratantra.
Does it mean there are two independent realities Brahman and World ?
Not at all,  the very 'para' in paratantra indicates svatantra.

You should first study Madhwa bhAshya on sootras such as
"Om satvAccha avarasya Om" .

You should first look at what AchArya Madhwa says,
"tadEva kEvalam satyam,  svAtantryamEva satyatvam taccha vishNOho" etc
before making such statements.

If you want to study Dvaita,  any email forum is not the proper setup at all.
Writing emails in english especially while in polemics,  will not give the
 complete  picture.
Similarly for the study of advaita, or v.advaita, emails is not the forum at all.

The function of these email exchanges is to present our way of interpreting
shruti,  our epistomology vis-a-vis the other school's ways of doing the same
and why our school has issues with their ways.

It applies to dvaita, advaita and v.advaita equally.   The first step towards
achieving that is to make emails impersonal, and just talk about the concepts.
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