[Advaita-l] Neha nAnAsti kimchana

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Dear Jay Nelamangala,

>The very first lesson that Shrutis teach is that Parabrahman
>is not anything like that you know in this mundane world.
>This is called His jagat-vilakshaNatva.

It is surprising that you say this. Here you are, trying to refute some of the concepts of advaita-vedanta by logical and other means, and when I point out that your position is not logical either, you hide behind the statements of vedantic Shrutis which say that brahman is not accessible to logic. If you really believe that, then why do you want to refute advaita by logic. Are you not using one policy to evaluate  one school of vedanta and an other policy for another school?(your own school). 
There are much better ways to understand "neha nAnAsti kimchana" than the one you suggested. Since the empirical world is full of differences, it is not surprising that people have the notions of ego, worldly desires, selfishness etc. But since brahman is also the material cause of the world, the world is in its ultimate essence brahman only.(The world has no separate reality - sarvam kalvidam brahma, and please pardon me if there are any mistakes in my sanskrit.)  The wise man who understands that the essence is brahman sees nothing but brahman everywhere (ekatvam anupashyati, sarvam AtmaivAbhUt, and pardon me once again if there are mistakes here) and to him all apparent differences cease to exist. He is thus free from the notions of ego, selfishness etc., because such notions exist only as long as differences exist. Thus the vedantic Shruti statement serves a dual purpose. One, to teach that brahman is the essence of the world. And other, to help one to overcome selfishness and
 attraction for worldly desires by understanding that the brahman is the underlying essence. Indeed it is not surpsising that it is also said that a wise man does not discriminate between a brahmana or an outcast.(from the bhagavad gita)
I believe that the above position is much more logical than what you have suggested. And it also gives us more prayojana(usefulness) than your understanding.

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