[Advaita-l] neha nAnAsti kiMchana

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Fri Jun 13 09:06:06 CDT 2003


>> What do you mean no distinctions in Reality?
>> Advaita teaches pAramArthika satyatva, vyAvahArika satyatva,
>> prAtibhAsika satyatva etc.
>> So, it is advaita that teaches distinctions in reality.
>> All other schools have only one - reality,  or its negation falsity.

>These distinctions are only from the vyavaharika point of view, which
is mithya. 

What do you mean by this ? Jay has mentioned there three sattyas as per
advaita. You are saying all these three themselves belongs to one of it's
member (that is vyavaharika) !!!

This does not make sense. I afraid, this will lead to infinite regress !

>Brahman is the only Reality. On the other hand, all other schools
>have multiple categories in their conception of reality, so it is they who
>have distinctions in Reality.

What do you mean by "all other schools have multiple categories in their
conception of reality" ?
Please clarify. We'll discuss it.


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