[Advaita-l] dvaita on pramA (Right knowlege)

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Dear Kartik Jayanarayan,

> > Knowledge by nature grasps its object as it is, 
> How do you know this?

Thanks for asking.

If that were not the case,  everytime you see a thing
you would be confusing it to something else.
But that does not happen in our normal daily
life at all.   Just think about the thousands of correct cognitions
that happens to you in a day in an effortless fashion, compared
to the one or two silver-shell,  rope-snake illusions that
happen during the same day.

What does that tell you?   It tells us that knowledge by 
its very nature grasps things as they are.  It grasps things
in a differently only  under abnormal conditions such as
such as glitter, darkness, defective eye, jaundice etc etc.

That is how I know.   Thanks again for asking.

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> -Kartik
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