[Advaita-l] An adhyAsa challenge

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BhAskar-prabhUji,   Thanks for your replies.

>  praNAm prabhuji Hare Krishna

PanchapAdikA-vivaraNa-VPS  is also one such set of subcommentories, is'nt

>  My humble question is have you ever read Sri Shankara's prasthAna trayi
bhAshya directly in original without taking help of any post shankara
advaitins sub-commentaries to understand his position prabhuji?? pls.

In anuvyAkhyAna,  he has examined  interpretations given by others and the
fallacies in those interpretations,  and then  arrives at his conclusions.
In anuvyAkhyAna, he has not included each of every sootra,  like he has
in BSB.    There is more discussion on the different schools of thought
were there before him.

>  Thanks for your kind clarification prabhuji.

A knower is chEtana.  A knower is in a body.  As the principle of existence
of his body he is called a jIva.  Each body has its own jIva.  Each body
having a jIva in it is capable of a unique experience.  So the experience
each jIva is unique.  A body has organs of knowledge and organs of action.
Through them,  a jIva has the experience of the world and is consequently
called a knower.   A knower has his experience through his sAkshii.  He
perceives the bodily functions through sAkshii and has the consequent

>  Bit confusing prabhuji,  you said knower is chEtana & knows/experiences
the world through karma & jnAnEdriya, then you said you said *sAkshI*
convey the experience to knower who is chEtana.  prabhuji, whether this
*sAkshI* is chEtana or not??  if yes, then how many chEtanas are there in a
body??  If there are two or more chEtanas why did krishna says in gIta
ahamAtma gudAkEsha prANinAm dEhamAshritaH, it should have been Atmasya Atma
no??  What is the difference between *aham pratyaya* & knower prabhuji??
where this individual sAkshI goes once the knower give up his body??

Dvaita vEdAnta distinguishes three kinds of body.  svarUpa, linga, and
sthUla.SthUla is gross.   It has birth and death.  Linga is subtle.  It is
and it subsists till the jIva is liberated.  These two bodies are different
from the jIva.  Svaroopa forms the very nature of the jIva and it is

>  prabhuji you said svarUpa is also one of the three bodies, but who is
holding these bodies prabhuji?? is it sAkshI?? or knower?? sharIra as
normally understood is with nAma & rUpa correct prabhuji..then in which
form this svarUpa sharIra resides in stUla sharIra prabhuji?? Kindly

>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!
>  bhaskar

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