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praNAm Bhaskar prabhu-ji,

>  praNAm Srinivas Prabhuji
>  Hare Krishna

My first question is; how did you (or anyone) can decide any Shruti
statements (or prastana traya as a whole for that matter) is speaking from
different level than the level in which they are getting perceived by us ?
To begin with all we know is only one level; that is this very worldly
in which you and I are discussing right now. So also, shAstras are
to us in this same level. We perceive them in the very same level. Unless
is explicitly mentioned in the very shAstra about existence of two levels
satyam (vyavaharika and pAramArthika), how can any one say about them ?
Please explain, how Advaita says so ?

>  Sri Jaldhar prabhuji, Sri Sadananda prabhuji & Sri Karthik prabhuji have
already answered your question, in addition,  prabhuji pls. note that there
is an unanimous agreement among all vaidika/Astika schools that vEdAs are
the parama pramANa irrespective of the fact that they differ in
interpreting the shAstras.  It is clear that they donot have second opinion
on shAstra pramANya.  I've seen you are discussing about 2 sUtra
janmAdyasya yataH, if you go one step further it says shAstra yOnitvAt pls.
study that sUtra prabhuji.  If you are doubting the very validity of
shAstras, then prabhuji I'll have to label you as a nAstika.  So, I hope
till this point we donot have any disagreement as such.  Now, the question
is why advaita go with different realities, I have explained this in the
last para. Sri Jaldhar prabhuji also explained this by giving example of
sun rise & set.

Well, in that case, if you are instructed by your Guru to study shAstra to
gain Brahmajnana in this very vyavahAric reality; why do you think by
studying so you will gain pAramArthika jnana ? why can't it such jnana be
also of vyavahAric in nature ?

>  First of all prabhuji, brahma jnAna is not an external knowledge it is
your own swarUpa which is the eternal subject which objectifies everything.
Due to avidya you are in this samsAra, shAstras will help you to overcome
this avidyA.  But after the dawn of knowledge you will come to know even
shAstrIya vyavahAra also in the realm of ignorance.  Sri Shankara says,
sarva loukika / vaidika, vidhi/pratishEda even deliverance (mOksha) are
also born out of avidya only.  That is the reason shruti says vEdas are no
vEdas after realisation. So, advaita does not have any problem in accepting
that even shAstrAdhyana also avidyAkruta from the absolute point of view.

>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>  bhaskar

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