[Advaita-l] Interpreting "abhEda" shruti vAkyas

K Kathirasan NCS kkathir at ncs.com.sg
Wed Jun 11 21:25:23 CDT 2003

Namaste Jay-ji,

Let me quote the whole verse from Shweta Up for you (verse 1-9):

The Supreme Lord appears as Isvara, omniscient and
omnipotent and as the jiva, of limited knowledge and power,
both unborn. But this does not deny the phenomenal universe;
for there exists further the unborn prakriti, which creates the
ideas of the enjoyer, enjoyment and the object. Atman is
infinite and all-pervading and therefore devoid of agency.
When the seeker knows all these three to be Brahman, he is
freed from his fetters.

It is Advaita my brother. 

best regards,
K Kathirasan

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> Bhaskar Prabhu-jI,
> Thanks for quoting shwEtAshwatara.
> >All this is Atman alone (sarvamiti). then where is the
> >question of separate jIva prabhuji??  If you see Sh. Up. yEgnEyaM
> >nityamEvAtma samsthaM nAtaH param vEditavyam hi kinchit! bhOktA bhOgyam
> >prEritAraM cha matvA sarvam proktaM trividham brahmamEtat.  It is clearly
> The answer to your where is the question of seperate jIva?
>  comes from the same shwEtAshwatara that you are quoting.
> "jnA ajnou  dvou ajou Isha aneeshou"  Shw. Up.  1-9
> (There are two that are  anAdi - sarvajna and alpajna - one is
> Isha - svatantra  and the other is aneesha - asvatantra )
> I rest my case.
> We will look into the meaning of all the other shruti-vAkyas in their
> proper "context" one at a time.   Again,  no need to mention that
> there is a dvaita context  and  an advaita context  in the upanishats.
> There is only one context for all of us in the upanishats,  whether you
> have chosen to ignore that context or taken it into account,  is the
> question.
> My contention is that you don't have that choice to beginwith.
> Harihi Om Tatsat,
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