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Dear NAgArjuna SiddhArtha,

It would help us if you clearly say Brahman-S or Brahman-N
when you talk of Brahman and advaita.  Otherwise,  there will be
lot more confusion.

Because this world has dependent reality,
a question such as "is this world real on its own? " will be answered
negatively.  World reality is only a derived reality.

But does it  have self-nature? Yes it has a dependent 
self-nature.  We don't say it has no self-nature.
But if the question is "does it have independent self-nature?"
then the answer is no.

Brahman is the absolute reality no doubt,  but that does not
make world unreal.  The world has derived reality.

But advaita does not say this,  it says there are two levels of
truth,  and the world is true only in the first level.

"JanmAdyasya yataha"  tells us the LakshaNa of what is being
enquired into as Brahman.  We are enquiring into that which is
the creator, destructor, etc of this world.   That is what the sootra
is teaching.   If the world is unreal in the advaitic sense,
then there is no occasion to find its cause,  by enquiry.

If the world has only dependent reality,   then it makes it all the
more necessary to find out what it is depedent upon.

So,  the second sootra does not give advaitic interpretation.
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