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> If you read Shruti vAkya "ekam eva advitiiyam" as "there cannot be
> anything
> other
> than Brahman" ; then following fundamental question arises ;

Hold it right there Srinivas - when you say the question arises - you
are already in the realm of ignorance.  Then we are coming to dwaita -
since there is questioner and question and questioning. J~naani will not
ask  such questions. If there is one and I am seeing two, I got to get
my eyes checked up. Hence for those who see two, one needs to go to
proper teacher to learn that there is only one and two and I am
projecting two due incorrect vision.   That is what the essence of tat
tvam asi teaching. It is not that you are going to join that or becoming
that- it says you are that, period. 

> If everything (you, me, this world and its contents including Vedas)
> is
> Brahmn;  why do we (humans) should put time and effort to realize (by
> shastrAdhyana or by Guru upadesha or anything related) that we are
> nothing
> but Brahmn indeed ??????? 

You are absolutely right - no need for all that If I have no notions or
visions of two when there is only one. The upadesha all that is
therefore relavent only to those who see dwaita when there is only

Let me tell you a story - there is this jobn who suddently thought he is
a rat and not a human - do not ask me how and when he got that notion. 
He has been rat all along, according to him. His wife somehow took him
to a doctor and after many sittings he was tought that he is a man and
not a rat. He did everyday that japa - he is a man and not a rat. John
who are you - he said I am a man and not a rat.  Eveybody is happy - He
went back home. But after some time he came running back to the doctor -
When doctor asked what is the problem - he said I know I am a man and
not a rat, but how can I be sure that cat in the street knows that I am
a man and not a rat.

aham brahamasmi as to be reaized not as a thought but as a fact.  It is
not that john, the rat, is going to become a john, the man - That he is
the rat is only notional but not factual.  

If we know we are nothing but Brahman, the teaching is fulfilled.
Further questions will not be there. That my friend is the fulfilment of
the scriptures.  

>For that matter, there is no concepts as I
> and you
> and this world, everything is Brahmn, right ? 

Yes. when I am no more dwaitin but become true adviatin! But as long as
there are the concepts of I, you and the world are taken as REAL then
Saadhana should go on. Plurality is not a problem but taking the
plurality as reality is the problem. Hence the teachinig is for those
who have that delusion, but not for those who know that everything is

Srinivas - you can answer the rest of the questions yourself -All that
you mentioned are for those who not only see the plurality but take that
plurality as realty. 

If one (if such thing as
> 'one'
> exist) does not realizes or do not put effort to realize, what happens
> ? Why
> should we consider the  concepts of dharma,adharma, pApa, puNya etc ?
> For
> what purpose did our rishis realized Vedic truth? or for whom ? For
> that
> matter, why are we discussing in this internet forum ?! Why can't we
> let the
> whole thing takes its course ? anyway every thing is Brahmn and let
> Him do
> whatever He wants ? why bother all these things ? 
Let me (if there is
> such
> thing as 'me') enjoy what ever is pleasurable right now.

Srinivas - it is like John askng whey do these cats bother me
unnecessorily.  No need to bother about anythng my friend if you realize
adviata but until then you have that knowledge you need to bother since
ignorence is cause of the samsaara. If you have the knowledge that you
are indeed Brahman, then no more of these botherations.  

> Why can not it be like a dream. The whole dream and its objects
> including
> yourself (as a role participating)  in a dream is illusory. Yet the
> whole
> dream process is very real and happing in your (real you) mind. Thus
> everything in the>dream is nothing but you (just like Brahmn is
> everything).
> So, do you, as an personality in the dream, aware of the nature of
> dream or
> put any effort to know that it is just an dream and try to get out of
> it ?
> The whole dream just flows and ends finally by external events like
> natural
> awakening or alarm clock or Mom's wake-up call etc., right ? 

Srinivas - it is indeed like a dream - when a tiger is chasing in your
dream, you run for your life - is it not. When when you are awakend to
higher state of reality that is the waking state only - you realise that
the whole dream world is your mental projection.  It is the similar -
the plurality is taken as reality and suffer the consequences of this
misunderstanding - Scriputure is giving a different vision of youself
than what you think of yourself.  

> The point is, if you and me are really Brahmn, let the external agents
> (like
> Brhamn's Mom if there exist one :) ) take care of the realization. 

Sreenivas - think deeply now - if everything is Brahman - sajaati
vijaati swagata bbeda-s resolve into one - that is who teaching started
- sat eva soumya idam agra asseet.  All relations come into picture only
when one is ignorant about oneself. Once knowledge is there you can
enjoy sunraise and sunset knowing very well that sun does not raise or
set. You become a jiivanmukta. 

> we
> bother now ? after all 'I' and 'you' are nothing but virtual casts in
> this
> big dream !! Isn't it ?

My friend - if you realized that my hats off for you . but do not act
like John who is afraid of cats anymore. Doctor is needed as long as
john is afraid of cats. 

Hari OM!

> Regards,
> Srinivas.

What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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