[Advaita-l] Interpreting "abhEda" shruti vAkyas

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Wed Jun 11 08:08:07 CDT 2003

Bhaskar Prabhu-jI,

Thanks for quoting shwEtAshwatara.

>All this is Atman alone (sarvamiti). then where is the
>question of separate jIva prabhuji??  If you see Sh. Up. yEgnEyaM
>nityamEvAtma samsthaM nAtaH param vEditavyam hi kinchit! bhOktA bhOgyam
>prEritAraM cha matvA sarvam proktaM trividham brahmamEtat.  It is clearly

The answer to your where is the question of seperate jIva?
 comes from the same shwEtAshwatara that you are quoting.

"jnA ajnou  dvou ajou Isha aneeshou"  Shw. Up.  1-9

(There are two that are  anAdi - sarvajna and alpajna - one is
Isha - svatantra  and the other is aneesha - asvatantra )

I rest my case.

We will look into the meaning of all the other shruti-vAkyas in their
proper "context" one at a time.   Again,  no need to mention that
there is a dvaita context  and  an advaita context  in the upanishats.

There is only one context for all of us in the upanishats,  whether you
have chosen to ignore that context or taken it into account,  is the
My contention is that you don't have that choice to beginwith.

Harihi Om Tatsat,

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