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>  praNAm Jay prabhuji
>  Hare Krishna
>  At the outset, I am very sorry to state that I never expected such a
lose argument from your end when the discussion is based on ShAstrAs.  Sri
Jaldhar prabhuji has already replied to this.  Further to his observation,
pls. see my comments :

The poison, the cup, our drinking it and dying because of it,  is all true.
But it is only  vyAvahAric Truth.   Right ?

>  Yes prabhuji *vyAvahArically* you are right.

Guess what,  KaTopanishat does not say it is only vyAvahAric Truth
that  this body dies, not jeeva.  "na hanyatE hanyamAnE sharIrE".

>  but it says from pAramArthika *shAstra drushti*

Other AchAryas think that this two level truths as
vyAvahAric and pAramArthic  is like a hide and seek game
played on vEdaanta.

>  sorry, it is not achArya's new invention prabhuji.  This hide & seek
game played by vEdAnta itself through adhyArOpa-apavAda for the clear
understanding of its purports.

First sit in this vyAvahAric world and postulate  a theory that this world
and its contents are all an illusion,   when asked to drink the illusory
poison, go to the  seeking place  in the hide-and-seek game and say,
it is  vyAvahAric truth that by drinking it,  the poison is going to take
the jeeva out of this illusory body  in this vyAvahAric  world so won't
drink the illusory poison.

>  No, prabhuji, if someone ask me to drink poison in vyavahAra, I'll seek
the guidance from vyavahAric reality & use my vyAvahAric commonsense to
avoid that criminal.  So, avoiding drinking poison is also in vyavahAra

Then come to the hiding place in the game, and declare  that the same jeeva
in this body that you were trying to protect a moment ago,   declare it  to
be Brahman, and you know it because you have already  "experienced"  that
you are indeed
that  Brahman,

>  sorry prabhuji, once you realised that *truth* there will be no triputi
of vyavahAra.  nEha nanAsti kinchana

but as the poison cup is dangled again,   come out of
the hiding place and run to the seeking place where you can refuse to
drink it.

How long are you guys going to play this hide-and-seek game on us?

>  As long as we are identifying ourselves with BMI.

So,  instead of throwing away our lifes  playing these hide-and-seek games
 let us become devotees like  prahallAda.

>  prahallAda shown us the way as to how to see the chEtana in jada vastu
 (Sri narasimha in pillar).  That is what advaita prabhuji, sarvam
 khalvidam brahma.

 >  prabhuji, as discussed, avidyA is the most fundamental thing that we
 have to consider.  To understand this avidya & its role ShAstrAs adopts
 unique method of teaching through three types of realities i.e.
 pAramArtika, vyAvahArika & prAtibhAsika satyas.  Ultimately we use these
 tools to destroy the basic cause of all evils that is avidya & to gain the
 knowledge of unity of Atman.  Hence, shankara asks his followers to
 consider the distinction of naive view of reality & truth & vedAntic view
 of the same.  Shankara further contrasts these two view points by stating
 lOka druShti & ShAstra druShti.  This is what shankara emphasises in his
 introduction to sUtra bhAshya.  if you proceed with an intention to take
 up the silver in nacre it is mithyA vyavahAra (wrong behaviour), If you go
 to pick the actual silver as silver then it will be samyag vyavahAra (
 right behaviour).  But according to advaita, vedAntic view is that all our
 ideas, speech & behaviour based on our day to day life (vyAvahArika) are
 really due to ignorance (avidyA) from paramArtika point of view. So,
 vyAvahArika view is the same as the view of ignorance or the view that
 distinguishes the knower & the known (pramANa-pramEya drushti) or the view
 of ordinary life (loukika drushti), or the view of waker's life (jAgrat
 drushti).  It is on the inforn tendency of the human mind to falsely
 superimpose the self & the not self (the body, senses & mind of waking
 state) upon each other that this vyAvahAric view is based.

 >  So, poison is as real as waker who is being forced to drink poison from
 another waker in vyAvahAric world.

 >  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
 >  bhaskar

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