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> In short, the word "nArAyaNa" is a proper noun of
> sorts according to pANinian grammar, and has been so
> treated by appayya dIkshita (AD) himself, a famous
> advaitin who was in fact a devotee of shiva. Anyone
> know anything more about this?

I heard from a reliable source that the Na-kAra in
nArAyaNa is due to the common Sanskrit grammar rule of
a change in the na-kAra due to the presence of the
letter "ra". Therefore "narAnAm + AyanaM = nArAyaNam"
automatically, with nArAyanam (with the na-kAra) not 
being a possibility at all. 

The whole article on nArAyaNa referring to a specific
person was nothing other than a deliberate attempt to
skew the facts in favor of VishhNu. 

OM namaH shivAya,


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