[Advaita-l] Causal Body

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Sat Jun 7 22:41:58 CDT 2003

Dear sadAnanda,

When you lift a bag of 10 lbs of rice,  whether we say
it is 1 bag,  100000 grains of rice or a billion atoms
of  an organic matter,   still it is matter only.

Prakrti has made the material rice, with a certain combination
of organic material.

At any level of granularity you look at,  there is still matter which
has the attribute mass.    Electrons and protons have mass too !!

Similarly,  what is towel?   a thousand cotton fibres strung together,
those fibres are made out of cotton which grows on cotton plantations.
Cotton trees are a material product of prakrti, so also the cotton that
grows in those trees.   It may contain billions of atoms of organic and
inorganic molecules and atoms -  and that is exactly what constitues the

Our analysis of  one prAkritic product being created by other 
prAkrtic products constitutes this substantive-attributive analysis.
In that analysis,  one may say dravytva is also an attribute.
But that does not negate the existence of substance itself.

If everything is considered as "energy" then E/C2  will give mass
and that is exactly what a "substance" is.  If you accept energy,
you have accepted mass, if you accept mass then there is matter,
if there is matter then there is substance.    Modern science
does not deny existence of substance.  Modern science does not
deny the reality of the world.    If this world did not exist, there is
no occasion to find its cause.  Shruti demands that you find the
cause of this world as Parabrahman,  because the world is the work
of God.  If world itself is denied,  then it is denial of its cause, 

The reality check on this world is not by making postulates on 
reality of the world.   Whether you say this world and its contents
are real,  and then drink a cup of poison,  or you say this world
and its contents are unreal and then drink the cup of poison,
the effect of the poison is same  that the person will die.

Since all postulations on "satyam" are made sitting in the vyAvahAric
world,  the  postulation of  two "satyams"   is also only vyAvahAric,
and therefore untrue by the pAramArthic sense,  which simply
negates the very existence of two satyams.   

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