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> What about the sense of touch.  What do you touch when you
> touch a towel?.  Its attributes?.
> You touch the upAdAna fibres of the towel,  which is the
> substantive.   So how can you say each sense can only sense the
> qualities and not substantive?
> Please clarify.
What is the upaadaana of towel -Let us examine the towel carefully - All
it has is bunch of fibers? -Let us examine fibers -  What is upaadaana
of fibers? Cotton? What is the upaadaana of cotton?  - The molecular
chains? What is the upaadaana of molecular chains? The molecules and
what is the upaadaana of the molecules - the atoms? And what is the
upaadaana of the atoms? The electrons and protons and what are the
upaadaana of those?  You are getting in to messy situation of the very
observer affecting the system? You can not tell me what is upaadaana of
towel, and for that matter, for any matter in the universe, if you want
to examine the system. Ultimately no substantive can be ever defined
precisely that is way you have to have a vyavahaaric satyam - so that
you can carry your rice bags without any problem - a temporal basis for
purpose of transactions - what is right knowledge you asked me - which
part in the above is the right knowledge of the towel? Each is
relatively valid in its sphere but sublated when you go to next level.
That is why we have relative knowledge and absolute knowledge - satyasya

What part of the upaadaana of your towel you are touching jay?  Which
upaadaana aspect the sense of touch is going to tell you? It is going to
tell only that you can measure by your capacity of sense of touch.  -
The relative softness, hardness, roughness, the sense of strain in you
hands in carrying your rice bags - since you can go with your sense of
touch at  most upto the cotton level and may not be more. 

Well I am planning to write up and wrap up all the issues that have been
raised hopefully in the weekend on the epistemological issues involved.

Hari OM!


What you have is His gift to you and what you do with what you have is your gift to Him - Swami Chinmayananda.

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