[Advaita-l] Re: Advaita-l Digest, Vol 2, Issue 23

Vidyasankar Sundaresan svidyasankar at hotmail.com
Fri Jun 6 14:31:46 CDT 2003

>Which shruti told you Brahman is partless and attributeless?  May I ask?

It is surprising you would ask this. Anyway, since you ask, just a couple of 
examples. How about muNDaka 3.2.7-8 etc? Viz.

pare.avyaye sarve ekiibhavanti - what is the para avyaya? By definition, 
anything that has parts is subject to vyaya.

vidvaan.h naamaruupaadvimuktaH - how does one leave behind nAma and rUpa and 
still have attributes?

Sure, you will interpret all this differently - being free of nAma and rUpa 
is itself an attribute, and so on, right?

Anyway, see also mANDUkya - adRshTam avyavahAryam agrAhyam alakshaNaM 
acintyam avyapadeSyam ... advaitam and remember that this upanishat has 
already said ayam AtmA brahma, so that it is talking of brahman, not the 


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