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praNAm Jay prabhuji,
Hare Krishna

Similarly,  to ascertain attributes called "attributelessness" and
"partlessness" to an entity does not make it partless and attributeless.
It only makes it

>  I hope, Sri Vidya prabhuji will address your issues more elaborately.
You can just keep mine as a side note.  Yes you are right, it will be
self-contradictory if we say attributelessness & partlessness to an
*entity*.  But adv. does not talk about an entity outside of us prabhuji,
it says about our swarUpa which is beyond dEha, indriya, mana, buddi &

This "Neti Neti" is another passage that we have to take a closer look at
in the context of that upanishat.   I will do it sometime soon.

>  prabhuji, we know you have answer for everything under the sky!! but it
would be appropriate that you should know shankara's/advaitins stand on
this *neti*. It is quite obvious that Atman as is well known, is not
adventitious thing for anyone, Moreover as shruti says speech cannot
express, but which itself expresses speech etc.etc. So, shruti describe
brahman which is the light of eternal witnessing consciounsness.  So Sri
Shankara clarifies in bhAshya, ShAstrAs purports are just to wipe off the
distinctions superimposed on brahman by avidya.  The ShAstras donot propose
to teach brahman as such & such a thing, but it says brahman as not object
at all (neti),  being the inmost self & removes all distinctions created by
avidya such as the pramANAdi vyavahAra.

Which shruti told you Brahman is partless and attributeless?  May I ask?

>  I am really very surprised, you are asking this question.  Perhaps, you
may be having different interpretation to the following verse from Br. Up.

>  This indeed, O Gargi, Brahmanas regard to be the akShara ( the
imperishable), It is neither gross, not subtle; neither short not long; not
red, not viscid, without shadow or darkness, not air, not ether,
unattached; without taste, without smell, having no eyes, having no ears,
having no organs of speech, having no mind, having no light, having no
life-breath, having no opening, having no measures & having neither inside
nor outside.  It eats nothing whatever.  No one eats it.

>  Apart from the above, you can have a look at your favourite verse from
Sw.Up. *yEko devaH sarbhuteShu......kEvalo nirguNasch*.  Anyway, you have
shared your understanding on this verse.

>  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
>  bhaskar

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