[Advaita-l] Causal Body

Jay Nelamangala jay at r-c-i.com
Thu Jun 5 19:42:44 CDT 2003

Dera sadAnanda,

> > My school says,  "shAstrArtha yuktO anubhavaha pramANam".
> > 
> > Bereft of shAstra,  any amount of loukika experience is not a pramANa
> > so also,  a shAstrArtha that is in no one's experience is also not
> > a pramANa.  
> Good - now when you say there is a jar or ring out there - that is
> loukika experince, right and therefore it is not a pramaaNa, Right?
> Good. 

No Sir,  you are wrong again.   Why did you skip the second paragraph 
and misquote me?.   Read the next para  which says, "when it comes to
the knowledge of parabrahman".   

>Therefore,  experience that is in line with shAstrArtha is the only
>pramANa when it comes to the knowledge of Parabrahman.

Since a jar is just a jar,  and not parabrahman -  to comprehend a jar
there is no need for shAstra,  it is vritti-jnAna.   No philosopher tells
us that you need vEdAnta in order to have perception of a jar or a ring.
It is just IndriyArtha-sannikarsha-janya-jnAna.

Then there are objects of knowledge which are beyond sensory organs
such as  Parabrahman,  jeeva,  space, time, joy, sorrow etc. where
this indriyArtha-sannikarsha is not possible.

There again,  all of us have experienced joy and sorrow.   
All of us have the notion of time and space.

When I have joy,  I am not confused as to whether I have joy or not.
About myself,  I am not confused if I am Jay or sadAnanda.

Here again we do not need any shAstra or vEdAnta for one to be
not confused about one's own joy,  identity,  space,  time and all other
comprehension that sAkshee-D provides.   

We don't need to know how our "eyes" work,  for us to see.
In fact, if they do not study shAstra,  they may not even know that 
there is a knowing part of the self called sAkshee-Indriya. 

But if you are an opthamolagist,  then only you know the inner workings
of the eye.   Similarly,  if you study shAstra,  then only you will know
that there is an internal organ called sAkshee-D,  and why I am never
confused about my own self identity etc.

I request you not to skip paragraphs and
mis-quote me like you have done here,  and then ask questions.
I  do not have lot of time to write long replies like this one,
that too on matters which should be obvious to a learned person like you.

Thanks and regards,

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