[Advaita-l] Reliable work for Purva Mimamsa

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On Wed, 4 Jun 2003, S Jayanarayanan wrote:

> Here are the translated PM books that I've come
> across:
> [1] "The Purva mimamsa sutras of Jaimini": chapters
> I-III Translated with an original commentary by
> Ganganath Jha. Allahabad, Panini Office, 1916. (New
> York, AMS Press, 1974).
> [2] "Slokavartika" (of Kumarila Bhatta) / translated
> from the original Sanskrit, with extracts from the
> commentaries "Kasika" of Sucarita Misra and
> "Nyayaratnakara" of Partha Sarthi Misra (by) Ganga
> Nath Jha. Delhi, India : Sri Satguru Publications :
> distributed by Indian Books Centre, 1983.
> [3] "Tantravarttika" : a commentary on Sabara's Bhasya
> on the Purvamimamsa sutras of Jaimini / translated
> into English by Ganganatha Jha. Reprint ed. Delhi,
> Pilgrims Book Pvt. Ltd. 1998.

And two more:

Ramakrishna Mission have a translation of Mimamsaparibhasha by Tryambaka
Yajvana.  As the name suggests it is a simple overview of the terminology
of the school.  (As an aside, Mimamsa has its own technical vocabulary
like any other branch of shastra.  It is not deliberately obtuse but you
need to know the jargon to be able to make any sense of it.)

Arthasamgrah with Kaumudi was translated into Englishe by George Thibaut
in 1882.  It was reprinted by Chowkhambha in 1974.

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