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Hari Om !!

--- kuntimaddi sadananda <kuntimaddisada at yahoo.com>

> What you call sakshii-D is the 'ego', who is the
> false guy. This is what
> bimba-pratibimba argument - or pot-space - total
> space concept.  
> He is
> the result of adhyaasa that you are analysing. I am
> trying to get rid of
> the fellow!

How can there be a result of Adhyasa ? I thought
'Adhyasa' is an explanation of what you 'see'. So, how
can Adhyasa cause some thing ?? When you say "EGO" is
a "false guy" how can you get rid of a "false guy" ??

> What you call saakshi-A is the absoulte
> consciousness which is reflected
> as the 'ego' with in the antahkarana.

How can you call it a reflection, as if there is a
"REAL" duality of Bimba and Patibimba. I never thought
Advaita means that !!

When I say a father reflects in his son, we mean some
thing different, not that there is a bimba and a
prati-bimba. I think you should take it as "Bimbavat".
Otherwise how does the "inert" prakriti/mind which can
just be "..kara" behave like an individual ? It is
because the same "Supreme Conscuousness" reflects in
the Prakriti. Then it shines as "EGO". There is no
other way to know or express that conscious principle.
EGO is the Only Consciousness, well unfortunately it
is mixed with no self-knowledge. So, you can not get
rid of the "false guy". any support of such argument
will only support Dvaita or some other philosophy.

At no occassion can we see both EGO and another Sakshi
separately. So, EGO is the mechanism through which
that conscious principle expresses in waking and dream

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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