[Advaita-l] apaurushheyatva of the shruti

ken knight hilken_98 at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 4 15:13:28 CDT 2003

Namaste all,
Please may I join in a little on this one as the topic
is central to some of my own present enquiry into the
suktas of the RgVeda.
Please forgive me not using the Sanskrit very much
here as I do not want to get the grammar wrong among
such company as are presently engaged on the topic.
Also I have not available all the texts to which you
are referring.

Although the Vedas are given form in books and on the
WWW they are clearly to be studied in the inner space
of 'heart and mind' with discrimination.  That faculty
of discrimination itself being the fruit of a kind of
study that is more concerned with listening passively,
without comment, 'to the', and 'in the,' revealing
light of vAk. 
This kind of action being very subtle appears to be a
reflection of some fundamental impulse....'Absolute
desiring to know itself' if we can use such language
in this context.
A necessary substratum for the manifestation of vAk is
stillness or silence...again, I am sorry to be
struggling with the English words here, I think that
'avyakta' may be what I am trying to express or
Has anyone a more accurate word please...ultimately I
guess it should be nirguna brahman?
Without staying 'in that place' as the Kena Upanishad
puts it, the mental faculties will run amok in what we
define as activity with skills such inference,
reasoning etc. All good fun but with not enough power
in Reality to blow away a straw.

In order for 'activity' to take place at any level of
consciousness there has also to be non-activity by its
side, and for the two to exist there has to be a
substratum that is not-two, advaita, and Witness, and
it seems to me that that is where the Vedas are
authorless. Hence if an individual today can stay
still, in observation, steady in heart and mind, then
the inspiration of the rishis or kavis may again be
'heard' and 'seen'.

Mandala X  Hymn 177
'1.........Sages observe him in the ocean's inmost
depth: the wise disposers seek the station of his
2 The flying Bird bears Speech within his spirit:
first the Gandharva in the womb pronounced it:
And at the seat of sacrifice the sages cherish this
radiant, heavenly-bright invention.
3 I saw the Herdsman, him who never resteth,
approaching and departing on his pathways.
He, clothed in gathered and diffusive splendour,
within the worlds continually travels.'

I hope that this is not a ramble and irrelevant but I
am trying to get my Western trained intellect up and
ready for sacrifice,

Many thanks

ken Knight 

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