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Just as there are two models of the same sAkshee,  there are two
models of knowledge as well,  by the two schools.  We can
call them knowledge-A and knowledge-D.  Since you are very
familiar with knowledge-A,  I will only discuss the Truth of
knowledge-D here.  Then again, just as everyone has a single
brain, single sAkshee, so also there is only one correct knowledge
for everyone and there are many varieties of incorrect knowledge for

Let us take perception itself, since every one is familiar with it.
Knowlege-D by nature presents that which is real.  It presents its
object as it is.  For example,  "this is a jar"  - the jar is in a
point of time and space and it has the property, 'jarness'.  It is so
apprehended by knowledge-D and the knowledge-D is consequently
called "yathArtha".  It is this knowledge-D that is taken to be true.

If the conditions of perception are wrong,  like defects in sense organs
or abnormal conditions such as a glittering object or insufficient light,
then the knowledge-D that is produced becomes false.

So, correct knowledge-D is svatah pramANa which sAkshee-D validates.
sAkshee-D apprehension of untruth is conditioned by the absence of
coherence.  For this reason, the apprehension of untruth is "paratah".

But in knowledge-A,  the truth may be determined at the present time,
but there is no guarantee that the knowledge-A will not be sublated
at a future time.

Now that I have answered your question,  will you please answer mine.
which I have repeated it here,

So, if you think you don't need sAkshee-D,  let us know
the apparatus that you use to distinguish between true and false

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> --- Jay Nelamangala <jay at r-c-i.com> wrote:
> > So, if you think you don't need sAkshee-D,  let us know
> > the apparatus that you use to distinguish between true and false
> > knowledge.
> Jay - first tell us how YOU validate the true and false knowledge and on
> what basis with saakshi-D, providing us the difintion of what is true
> and what is false knowledge.
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