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Tue Jun 3 12:11:31 CDT 2003

>> I know some situations where in some one born in
>> Madhva or Visishtadvaitings have  adopted sanyasa
>> order in Advaita. I have not come across any reverse
>> situtions.

>The founders of all those other sampradayas :-)

This is factually wrong. Sri Madhva was not an Advaitin to begin with. From
several works, we can trace origin of Dvaita system from ancient Monotheism
of Bhagavatas. From an account in Padma Purana (sampradayae brahmanamina
madhvAchAryah pratistitah.) the school derives from Brahma
(Brahma-sampradaya). The following is the traditional Guruparampara down to
Sri Madhva ;

Sri Hamsa (NarayaNa)
The Four Sanas
Jnananidhi   Tirtha
Garudavahana "
Kaivalya     "
Jnanisa      "
Para         "
Sattyaprajna "
Prajna       " (a contemporary of Sri Sankara)
Acyutaprajna a.k.a Purusottama Tirtha
Sri Madhva. 

Also, Sri Narayana Panditacharya (son of famous Sri Tivikrama Panditacharya,
who was an Advaitin and later became Sri Madhva's deciple)'s work
'Manimanjari' document the school's lineage.    


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