[Advaita-l] adhyAsa - part V

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praNam Bhaskar prabhujI,

Thanks for your comments.

One need not be a vEdaantin to understand the  adhyArOpa of silver-conch,
crystal-red flower, snake-rope,  sky-sunlight etc.   Physicists have very
well explained why the atmosphere in the sky makes  only blue light
get diffracted.  I am still waiting for someone to articulate that physics
funda  :-)

The question arises, when vEdAntins take the same examples such as
crystal-red flower and  conclude,  "similarly Atma and anAtma are also
In the case of crystal-red flower,  it is the proximity and reflecting red
that brings redness to the crystal.

We all know that examples can only be used to disprove theories, and
even a thousand examples will not  make a theory.   So, a theory has to
stand on its own,  an example may help understand that theory better.

Ex:  If I line up 1000 black cows and make a theory that "all cows are
then  all you need is a single white cow to disprove that theory.

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> praNAm Jay prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> prabhuji you wrote :
> So it is incorrect to say *blueness* is superimposed on sky.  All we see
> diffracted sun-light as *blueness* of the sky there is nothing that is
> superimposed there.
> >  Sri Vidyashankar prabhuji has already explained this analogy as how we
> do adhyArOpa & then doing apavAda for the clear understadning of the
> topics.  Further, I'd like to mention that from the pAramArtika view point
> there is no superimposition at all, it is one & only one without a second
> EkamEvAdvitiyam.  But in vyavahAra, in day-to-day life, people are
> practically experiencing this adhyAsa which you cannot deny with the
> support of sheer logic.  That is what Sri Shankara says in bhAShya.  It is
> not proper to say that *blueness* of the sky is not there in vyavahAra.
> no one misconceives *blueness* in sky, does anyone denote in the manner
> *This is sky alone* not *blueness* superimposed sky??  correct prabhuji...
> like that way if there was no adhyAsa with regard to brahman, then the
> whole system of vedAnta ShAstra would not have instructed that Brahman is
> one & the ONLY REALITY.  There is no second entity (duality/dvaita) which
> is not this brahman.
> >  Prabhuji, as you said elsewhere in your series of posts on adhyAsa (III
> or IV), in brahman (chEtana/vishayi) we cannot superimpose a thing
> (jada/viShaya) that which is not its dharma (attribute).  Yes, prabhuji it
> is true that brahman is not an ignorant one who is responsible for
> superimposing a dharma which does not belong to it.  (There is a
> on *locus of avidya* in the list kindly gothrough it).  From the absolute
> point of view, it is evident that brahman is neither ignorant nor
> associated with any delusion.  But problem arises in understanding once
> come to the conclusion that apart from brahman there is another chetana
> which is adhishtAna for this delusion.  This is absoulutely unacceptable
> advaita which strictly upholds the concept of *atmaikatvavAda*.
> >  From the above it is clear that this adhyAsa, object of adhyAsa & the
> adhiShtAna for adhyAsa are all the byproduct of adhyAsa & it is in the
> realm of *adhyAsa* itself.  As you correctly pointed out that it is quite
> evident that there is no substratum as such whatsoever for avidya, it is
> for the sake of discriminating between Atma - anAtma, advaitins say that
> the concept of adhyAsa is antahkaraNa's svAbhAvika dharma which projects a
> thing which is not there!!  & this wrong perception will disappear at the
> dawn of absolute kEvala jnAna.
> >  I humbly request Sri Jaldhar Vyas prabhuji & Sri Vidyashankar prabhuji
> to correct me if I misunderstood/misquoted advaitic view points.
> >  Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> >  bhaskar

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