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Hari Om !!

This is precisely the question. Leaving aside what the
Visishtadvaita or Dvaita or Advaita philosophy says,
why is it that the modern mystics say that 'Advaita'
is their 'DIRECT' experience ? Why do not they say,
that Dvaita is their DIRECT experience. So, is Sruthi
contradictory to this DIRECT experience, if we were to
go by Dvaita or Visishtadvaita expositions ? 

If there are 'Realised' souls coming from these three
different schools of thought, is their DIRECT
realisation different ? 

Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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> > 
> > situtions. Also, modern mystics who claim to have
> > attained 'realisation' only support 'Advaita' why
> is
> > it so ??
> Because from a visistadvaitic perspective jivanmukti
> is not possible,
> If a soul is associated with a body, it is a karmic
> body unless the soul
> having attained moksa choses a body of its free will
> in which case the
> body is not a karmic body.
> Souls in karmic bodies cannot be in a state of
> release as long as it is
> associated with a body.
> Ch.Up. 8-12-1
> ... na vai sasharirasya satah priyApriyayOh
> apahatirasti...
> There is no cessation of pleasure and pain for one
> who 
> is embodied.
> Thanks
> Srinivasan Sriram
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