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Sun Jun 1 21:30:09 CDT 2003

Hari Om !!

I was listening to audio lectures of Swami Dayananda
of Arsha Vidya Peetam on Atma Bodha. He mentioned that
Vijnanamaya Kosa is akin to Kartrutva and Karana
Sareera is akin to Bhoktrutva (Sukham to be specific).

Also, while reading the commentary of Swami
Tejomayananda on Atma Bodha, I came across this
statement on Page 80:

"The Unmanifest condition of the five elements and the
three qualities is the Causal Body."


I would urge the members to comment on the above
statements, and also give other opinions so that
Karana Sarira can be understood better.

How would Atma identify with the Karana Sarira or even
'Ignorance' and remain deluded in Deep sleep ? I know
the ideas of mula avidya conflicts, and the stand that
Sankara did not refer to Ignorance as any 'material'
condition. My attempt is to understand some model and
reconcile these different interpretations.


In addition on Page 86 we find:

"Isvara always knows His true nature and does not get
over powered by maya. He remains in full control of it
and is thus called Mayapati. His maya is predominantly
sattvic and therefore does not bind. ....."

"The same infinite Truth, when wielding the individual
conditioning (avidya) is called jiva. Avidya being
predominantly tamasic and of the nature of ignorance,
it binds the jiva.


My question is if Avidya is just an individual aspect
of maya, how is it tamasic where as total ignorance
maya is sattvic ??

Also, is it not creating duality to define that that
one aspect is sattvic in relation to Isvara and
tamasic in relation to jiva, where by two different
entities of Isvara and jiva are identified ?? (as if
they are different entities !!)


Om Namo Narayanaya !!


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