Vivekachudamani vs Bhashyas (was Re: [Advaita-l] Question on Samadhi)

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> praNAm prabhujis
> Hare Krishna
> Further to Sri Stig prabhuji's comments, this is my humble attempt 
> to
> present Sri Swamiji's observations in his own words on VC (in his
> kannada
> translation) as presented in introduction , the prakaraNa Grantha
> Series
> -3, Adhyatma Prakasha Karyalaya, HN Pur.


Thanks for the translation of Sri sacchidAnandendra sarasvatI swamiji's
work regarding the authenticity of the VivekachuDAmaNi (VC). Though the
VC is very "practical" in its teachings, Adi Shankara never downplays
shAstra, which the author of the VC does in verse 59:

aviGYaate pare tattve shaastraadhiitistu nishhphalaa .
viGYaate.api pare tattve shaastraadhiitistu nishhphalaa .. 59..
"When the Supreme Truth is unknown, the study of scriptures is useless;
when the Supreme Truth is known also, the study of the scriptures is

I thought it was mighty strange that Shankara would say something to
the effect that the study of scriptures is useless. That cannot be said
to be Shankara's approach in his BhAshhyas, since according to him, the
shAstra is crucial in removing avidyaa. 


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